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All software here is copyrighted by MegaWolf and may NOT be redistributed in ANY form.
Files are in Aladdin Stuffit(tm) format. If your browser does not automatically expand them, drop the original ".sit" file on Stuffit Expander.

Latest Romulus/Remus Installer (updated 11/1/99 -- approx 1.4 Megabytes .sit format)
- 1.0.8b6 Installer (shipping version). A complete installer with support for G4's, FreeMIDI and OMS. Contains all standard Romulus/Remus Utilities.

Latest Romulus-Remus Tool (updated 04/12/00 -- approx 360 kBytes .sit format)
- 1.0.8b23 Utility (pre-release). Modified to display cards in a PCI Expansion Chassis properly.

Prior Romulus/Remus Installer (approx 1.4 Megabytes .sit format)
- 1.0.7 Installer is the complete installer that shipped with Romulus/Remus cards until 12/1/99.

Romulus/Remus Manual (approx 1.3 Megabytes .sit format)
- Acrobat version of the Romulus/Remus Manual.

Port Munger (approx 160 Kilobytes .sit format)
- Older utility for re-mapping Romulus/Remus ports to function as traditional Modem or Printer ports.
- No longer required, as this function is now integrated with the RR Tool supplied with Installer 1.0.8.

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