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Other Macintosh PCI Solutions

All the solutions described on an earlier page (Macintosh Serial Expansion) can be used for adding serial ports to PCI Macintoshes, with the exception of the NuBus cards. In order to use NuBus serial expansion cards, you must use a Second Wave (voice: 512-329-5283) PCI to NuBus external chassis. This may be the preferred method if you already have an investment in NuBus cards, but it is an expensive solution otherwise. Performance should be acceptable, but NuBus cards use older, somewhat slower, emulated 68K drivers, rather than PowerPC-native drivers that PCI cards require.

Certainly, a PCI serial card makes a lot of sense - just plug it in and get additional serial ports. As of early 1998, there are only three companies who are actually shipping PCI serial cards for the Mac :

  • MegaWolf is offering three families of coprocessor PCI serial cards.
  • Romulus/4 and Remus/2 are our latest offering. They are inexpensive, high performance cards with two or four ports per card. Ideal when you want to run more than 2 serial devices (modems, printers, graphic tablets, etc.)
  • Rufus/8 is a high speed, "smart" card that adds eight reasonably priced serial ports. Rufus is ideal for small modem servers.
  • Fenris is an expandable "smart" serial card that can accommodate 8 to 64 ports per card. Fenris is perfect for medium to large modem serves, as it can 'grow' as your needs expand.
  • Keyspan/Innosys (voice: 510-222-0131, fax: 510-222-0323, email: info@keyspan.com) offers a 6 port, a 4 port and a 2 port PCI serial card.

  • Creative Solutions, Inc. (voice 410-760-4080, email: csi@applelink.apple.com) offers a four port PCI card.

  • Detailed comparisons of all the available PCI serial cards can be obtained from our free 'white paper': Choosing A Mac PCI Serial Card. It also describes what serial devices will run and what won't run on 3rd party serial cards. (Adobe Acrobat format)

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