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Macintosh PCI Serial Expansion

(when two serial ports just aren't enough...)

NOTICE 2-19-01:

MegaWolf, Inc. is the most experienced experienced developer of high-performance PCI serial expansion products for the Macintosh.

MegaWolf offers Macintosh compatible PCI cards that cover a wide range of serial port expansion needs. All our cards are easy to install and compatible with Apple's Communication Toolbox, allowing easy port selection from most software.

  • Romulus/4 and Remus/2 are our latest offering. They are inexpensive, high performance cards with two or four ports per card. Ideal when you want to run more than 2 serial devices (modems, printers, graphic tablets, etc.)
  • Rufus/8 is a high speed, "smart" card that adds eight reasonably priced serial ports. Rufus is ideal for small modem servers.
  • Fenris is an expandable "smart" serial card that can accommodate 8 to 64 ports per card. Fenris is perfect for medium to large modem serves, as it can 'grow' as your needs expand.

  • We are pleased to offer you some useful 'freebies' available for download:
  • Choosing A Mac PCI Serial Card - a 'white paper' describing what serial devices will run and what won't run on 3rd party serial cards, along with a detailed side-by-side comparison among eleven different Macintosh PCI Serial cards, including all of our products. (Adobe Acrobat format)
  • PortPeek - a little Mac utility that displays all Communication Toolbox registered serial ports, along with their current status (open, closed, busy). Allows you to force close any serial port with better success than most shareware "port closer" utilities. Also allows you to add "dummy" Comm Toolbox ports for testing Comm Toolbox compatibility of printer drivers and other serial software. (Note that this utlility has been renamed due to a copyright conflict.)
  • MegaWolf PCI Tool - a PowerPC utility that displays some basic information on all the PCI cards and drivers on a PCI Macintosh. Also capable of generating a detailed report in SimpleText format that can be useful diagnosing problems with any PCI card.

  • Our technical staff is also available for consultation on selected low-level Macintosh hardware or communication issues, ranging from PCI board design to Mac driver development.

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